Single Panel

Single panels are robust and can be used to erect buildings up to 4 stories high and allow reduced foundation structures due to their lightness. The panels are inserted over 40cm high re-bars (of 6mm diameter) that come out of the foundation; the re-bars are connected to the mesh, structural plastering (shotcrete) is applied on both sides using a spray gun. Single panels can be used as permanent insulating structural formwork for roofs and small-sized floors. They can also be used as partition and curtain walls in large commercial buildings

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Double Panel

Double panels are made up of two single panels, joined together by double horizontal wire mesh connectors, keeping the panels apart, at a distance determined by the particular static requirements. The empty space between the panels is filled with cast concrete to increase the structural strength. Externally, the panels are sprayed with shotcrete. They are typically used to construct structures higher than four floors

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Floor/Slab Panel

Slab panels are specially designed for use in the construction of floors and roofs especially those with large spans. These panels are thicker than the single panels and have spaces (ribs) specially molded into them which are filled with concrete. In cases where the roof spans are greater than 4.5 metres; additional reinforcement can then be added by placing reinforcement steel bars / bar joists in these special molded spaces

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Staircase Panel

The staircase panels are made out of polystyrene blocks that are shaped according to staircase design requirements of a construction project, they are then reinforced with two layers of steel wire mesh joined by several steel wire connections welded across the polystyrene core. The panel is assembled on site by placing them over an angled lattice of ribbed re-bars designed for flights of stairs. The staircase panels possess special structural resistance and lightness and are used in the constructions of staircases up to a maximum span of 6 metres

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The TechBuilding System uses the Emmedue / M2 technology which has been used to construct various building structures,
both for commercial and residential purposes. Below are some applications in construction projects from around the world.

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