Benefits of the TechBuilding System

The stand out beneficial features that the
TechBuilding System offers as compared to the conventional brick and mortar are the following:

Sound Insulation & Heat Reflection

The reinforced panels possess a high threshold of sound insulation and heat reflection which are significantly better

Rapid Erection & Assembling

The lightness of the polystyrene panels enables easy movement by hand, which is a great advantage at the building site as it enables rapid erection and assembling.

Very Durable & Highly Earthquakes Resistant

The high structural capacity of the panels mean that they can carry high compression load making them very durable and are also highly resistant to earthquakes.

Highly Cost Saving

The lower foundation depth requirements, thanks to the panel lightness, convert into lower costs and the fact that no skilled labour is required for most of the assembling further increases cost savings.

Fire Retardant & Water Resistant

In terms of safety, the polystyrene that makes up the panels is a fire retardant. This means that the structures have a significantly lower risk of destruction by fire. Furthermore, the panels are water resistant and this means that the walls and roof structures would possess water resistant properties.

Highly Customisable

The EPS panels can be customised to the exact length and thickness requirements of our clients and can be used to construct a wide range of shapes compatible with a wide range of finishings.

Easy & Quick Accessories Installation

The EPS panel versatility enables easy, quick and cheaper installation of the plumbing, electricity and telephone lines without the need for major renovation.

Environmentally Friendly

The TechBuilding System is environmentally friendly and no CFCs or HCFCs toxins are emitted throughout the manufacturing process.

Save Space

As a result of the quick construction times, the EPS panels do not need to be stored for long durations which translates in a saving in space.


" We are passionate about using innovation to improve lives; our ambition is to elevate the standard of living in Uganda by offering: better, faster and cheaper construction solutions that have a huge social impact on the population"

Mr. Wolfgang Enderle

CEO & Founder

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Ian Clarke

Dr. Ian Clarke


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